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Working Families

Who is Forestry for B.C.?

We are thousands of British Columbians creating beautiful Made In B.C. wood products not available anywhere else in the world.

We are families who live and work in communities across our province. 

We are proud to work in an industry that is committed to the sustainable, environmentally responsible development of a resource found nowhere else in the world.

wooden trails and railing made from old growth trees
wooden deck made from old growth trees
wooden guitar made from old growth trees

We stand for:

BC Jobs for BC people
Reinvesting into BC communities
A diversified BC forest economy
Added value
Totem pole
Indigenous opportunity
Small plant
More environmentally friendly construction materials
tree rings icon
Sustainable forests for now and always

The Challenge

British Columbians have been talking about growing our value-added wood industry for more than 40 years.

The B.C. value-added wood industry

  • Creates more B.C. jobs for every tree harvested;
  • Supports local communities and businesses;
  • Provides opportunities for Indigenous communities;
  • Manufactures climate friendly, 100% natural products; and
  • Maximizes the value from every log processed in B.C.

It is time for the industry to transition from higher volume to higher value.

The Solution

B.C.’s value-added wood manufacturing industry needs a guaranteed supply of wood.

The lack of a guaranteed supply of wood puts thousands of jobs, opportunity for First Nations and the viability of local communities and businesses, at risk.

With a guaranteed supply of wood, the industry will have the certainty to grow, innovate, create unique, Made In B.C. products that are good for the environment, and support First Nations, local communities and businesses.